About Us

Founded in 2020, former Hazardous Materials Specialists have decided to get back into the industry for the sake of battling the spread of COVID-19. Holstering over 10 years of emergency decontamination experience, our goal is to provide top notch, quality, yet affordable services to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases.We want to use our hazmat training and apply it to the protection of families and residences. This is more of a humanitarian effort than it is a business. As a result, we assure you that no one can beat our prices. Please reach out today for a quote. Our team is standing by and ready to fight!

Our team is made up of experienced hazardous materials specialists. All team members have been back ground checked and are ready to go to war against the spread of infectious substances such as COVID-19. Our state of the art decontamination equipment is environmentally friendly as well as efficient in being able to quickly decontaminate your home or vehicle. We use a 100% environmentally safe and EPA approved germicide to protect your home and love ones. Pet Friendly solution.